Brutal Zapas is a sneakers store that having an opportunity to collaborate closer with NIKE asked HerraizSoto&co. for a visual and marketing advice to improve their brand image.

I worked on a corporate identity and merchandising pieces that Brutal Zapas could use to promote their brand on sneakers event. In addition, I proposed some website interface changes that would improve user experience and overall image of this brand.

Brutal is not a shoe, brutal is a soul is our style. Brutal is a container of an energy. The energy that makes things happen, comes from passion, generosity and is responsible for exceeding expectations.

Such energy is memorable and differential because goes beyond common sense. It catches an animal and makes it wild, it does not discuss, it makes things happen.  The energy makes things unexpected and wonderful.

Agency: HerraizSoto&co.
Creative Copywriting: Victor Sarria
Art Direction & Design: Aga Krol